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Last name Department
Igor Abolnik, MD Infectious Diseases
Nancy Ahlstrom, MD Nephrology and Chronic Kidney Disease
Tala'at Al-Shuqairat, MD
Critical Care/Hospitalists
Internal Medicine
Douglas A. Allen, DO OB/GYN Women's Center
Marvin Allen, MD, FACC Cardiology
Mohammad Alsolaiman, MD Gastroenterology
Kirk Anderson, MD Critical Care/Hospitalists
Michael B Anderson, MD Orthopaedics - Coral Desert
Ronald W. Asay, MD Cardiology
C. William Bacon, MD Orthopedics
William Barager, DO Nephrology and Chronic Kidney Disease
Brady Barker, MD Orthopedics
W. Wesley Barney, MD Cardiology
Scott D. Barton, MD Family Medicine - St. George
David Bennion, MD Internal Medicine
Steven L. Berry, MD Family Medicine - Orem
Scott Bingham, MD, FACC
Brady Blackham, DO Family Medicine - Gunnison
TJ Blair, MD, PhD Cancer Center - Radiation Oncology
Kurt Bodily, MD Gastroenterology
David Boorman, MD, FACC Cardiology
J. Cordell Bott, MD, FACP Cancer Center - Medical Oncology
Brian Bradshaw, MD Dermatology and Skin Cancer
Wendy Breyer, MD Cancer Center - Medical Oncology
Virginia Burnett, DO
N. Chris Busk, MD Family Medicine - St. George
Michael J. Carlson, MD Orthopedics
Curtis A. Carter, MD Family Medicine - St. George
Eric Carter, MD, FACC Cardiology
Mel Carter, MD